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Why Choose Us?

About Meliam

Meliam Consulting was founded by Marianne Broeng, an experienced CRM and Digital Transformation professional who is passionate about end-to-end integrated CRM solutions and its ability to improve business performance. Today with emerging technologies, it is critical to plan and act quickly on your digital transformation.

Meliam Consulting helps organisations plan, change and implement digital transformation in smaller steps to deliver great customer experience fast. We offer a unique consulting approach addressing your specific needs from a holistic perspective. This ensures you get in-depth, relevant advice leading to long-lasting results.


As we are independent of any CRM vendor we can provide you with advice on the platform that is right for your business.

About Marianne

A senior Independent CRM and Digital Transformation expert, Marianne Broeng has 30 years' experience from local and international projects.

Strong management and consulting background from defining and delivering digital transformation solutions end-to-end.


Passionate about helping organisations develop strategies to grow their business, and enjoy managing the implementation of a powerful scalable solution. Focus on a phased implementation approach to guarantee desired outcome is achieved, while the solution is being enhanced further.

She helps organisations realise the full potential of end-to-end integrated CRM solutions, with change management and mindset training as critical parts to ensure it is embedded within the organisation and across all customer facing channels. 

"The key to a successful CRM / Digital Transformation implementation is a high user adoption rate and measurable benefits."

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